Question about yoyofactory tour.

I was planning on going to see yoyofactory at virginia Beach on the 28th. but the hurricane is supposed to be there about that time also… and virginia beach is not a place someone wants to be during the hurricane. so what should i do? Will yoyofactory delay the tour? i bet others are having the same problem and i bet yoyofactory wont get a good show-up

Howdy, I’m here in Florida and have a lot of hurricane experience. We are not even making any preparations yet. I wouldn’t worry too much about it until you get about 24 hours out. These things have a tendency to change a lot over the course of the path. Actually I just went to and it is now forecasted to miss florida when just yesterday we were going to take a direct hit. Case and point. Wait till about Thursday or Friday and see what it is doing and then you can make a decision on what would be best for you. The promoters of the event probably will not make a decision until 24 hours before anyway. Hope this helps.

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thanks man, yeah hurricanes are very unpredictable but theres a very likely chance that virginia will pick up some bad weather. i guess its just a matter of time now

I live around long beach so I went there on the day yyf was supposed to be(9/3 at 4pm) and unless they were hiding, they did not seem to be there. I still cant find any notifications of delays or anything and of course the yyf office isn’t open today(9/4, a sunday). So if any of you guys know anything about it, please inform me. Thx.

The tour ended yesterday

Well I know that, what I was asking is why weren’t they there on 9/3 when they said they would be.?. Anyway I found out it was cancelled before they got there so w/e.

it was cancelled cause of the hurricane i guess. it was a mess in VA beach right after the storm

man… why cant these tours ever come to Oregon?? We arent all a bunch of hillbillys like everyone thinks. lol

The city cancelled all beach events, concerts, skate demos etc. Details of the rescheduled event were posted on our social media outlets.

Sorry you didnt get word :frowning:

Could you link that or just tell me the rescheduled dates?, Thx

the tour is over

I know, but what “were”(as in past-tense) the rescheduled dates?, if someone could tell me, I’d appreciate it.