Question about Tom Kuhn DDS Yo-Yo

Hey! Was hoping someone here may be able to help shed some light on this.

My late grandfather was a serious yo-yo collector and I recently started sorting through some of his stuff during quarantine. Came across this one which caught my attention, and the only other one I can find online is from the Smithsonian’s website which I thought was interesting. If anyone might have any info, I’d really appreciate it. If this one was particularly scarce, wanted to make sure it didn’t just get lost back in storage. Having a great time learning about some of these.



I don’t know much about that yoyo, but it’s pretty cool looking! So sorry about your grandfather tho

Sorry to here about your grandfather, here is a good description of what you have and value


Thank you both! That link was everything I was looking for. Very much appreciated.

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