I recently traded my One Drop DANG for Qpotter’s One Drop Cascade.

My end of the trade has worked out flawlessly. He shipped the Cascade exactly when he said he would and has been communicating quickly and courteously throughout our dealings. I shipped the DANG out yesterday and it should arrive on Friday or Saturday (15th or 16th).

Qpotter only had 1 feedback (now 2), but he handled himself like someone who’s been trading for years. I will happily act as a reference for him if any of you would like to trade with him but feel uneasy at his small number of feedback. He’s a stand-up guy and I’d happily trade with him again.

This is the stuff I like to see!

I’m a close friend with him, (I introduced him to the forums) and would to say that I can vouch for him too. Glad to hear his trading is doing good. :slight_smile: