put Grant's Legacy video on the Legacy page

put Grant’s Legacy vid there!
anyone agreed with me?
Edit: I changed the post.

I don’t know about you, but all of those videos you mentioned work for me. I agree with you that the Legacy video should be on that page, but the other yoyos dont really matter, because YYJ made promotion videos for those yoyos that were coming out. I dont think they did it for every product though, and I doubt it would happen, because those videos were made at those releases.

well, it could be that dial-up could have something to do with my capability to see them but a minute ago I started to load the Speeder video but now it won’t load or any of the other videos.
What really puzzles me is that the others do work but not any of these.

I seem to load these videos, so then my best guess is that there’s something wrong with your own computer. Maybe the newest flash player would do you good, but I doubt itl. It’s more likely to be a random error.

now the Black Knight video is working.
That’s a good thing if it will load a while so I can finish the job tonight.
And I do have the latest Flash player.

I just feel like pointing out a small thing. These videos also exist at Youtube. I think they will work fine there, and if it doesen’t, some error is occuring in your explorer. And just to finish off, I think this isn’t that big of a problem. You won’t bust your lungs looking these videos up on youtube.

you don’t have dial-up do you.
when loading a youtube video not only does it take forever but it slows down the rest of your internet realated things to the point that it is not worth it.

Wouldn’t that be the reason the videos are not loading on that page? Maybe it takes time to load the player to actually play the video? Also, I felt your pain, I used to have dial up. Not a good thing.

it does take time to load the video.
Even worse with Dial-up.

I know. :wink: Its happened to me many times when I had dial up.

anybody else think this is a good idea?

I do

I don’t think it makes much of a difference, but there is no harm in doing so.