Punching bags tips?

This question is for people who can do the punching bags 2A trick. Any tips for getting this down? How would you describe the hand motion when the yo-yo is coming back? A straight up movement? Any description/breakdown of what is happening or the timing in this trick would be helpful too.

It’s such a cool/tough trick. You gotta get the yo-yo to fight what it naturally wants to do. Thanks in advance.

yeah just keep thinking “up and out.” plus you’re going to be flicking it sooner than you would milk the cow. it’s kind of hard to explain… just don’t force it cause that will make the loops go back down. what yoyos are you using? if you have something that adjusts, try setting it narrow since it’ll help force the punches up.

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and your hands are going to make this weird punching the ceiling at a 45 degree angle thing

What really helped me was lying down on my back and practicing vertical punches for a while. I didn’t expect that to help regular punches too, but suddenly they took less effort and felt more natural.

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I’m using sunsets with the smallest gap. Ok, I’ll try a 45 deg up and out thing, a little earlier than milk the cow.

Sounds like vertical punches might be easier, a good first step?

Thanks guys.