Pulling off of the forums. Everything on Ebay!! Final day! Ends Soon!!


As the title says, I’m pulling back from the forums. It’s time to move on. Everything is on ebay.

I also have this PSP for sale

Also selling this PSP 2000. Some marks that show up with use. The back ring has scratches. Works perfectly. It’s currently hacked, so it can play any game for psp if you have the rom/iso for it. Comes with an 8gb memory card.This is what is has on it: FF crisis core (disc), little big planet, gran turismo, echocrome, MGS peace walker, pinball classics, monster hunter 2, loco roco, dissidia final fantasy, LOH trails in the sky, Ace combat X, Tales of the world: radiant mythology, and a bunch of games for gba and n64
$75 Shipped

I have 53 more feedback at yyn








Oh no’S! :frowning: we will miss you buddy, at least we are friends on facebook. Hope you at least keep yoyoing as a side/fun thing.


no worries, I’m not quitting yoyoing, I’m just pulling back from the forums. I’ll still go to the chat, so I won’t fully be gone.







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