Puffin, C3, One Drop and more (sorry but I've decided to keep the Sleipner)

C3 Dark Sonic near mint $55

OG Puffin near mint $70

C3 H-5 near mint (big yoyo=big fun!) $65.SOLD

OneDrop Code 2 near mint $60.

YYR Fragment $70.SOLD

One Drop M1 $40.

One Drop Dingo near mint $70 sold

YYF Skyline near mint $45 + $5 shipping (shipping costs me $16 CND)

YYF Super Nova near mint $40 each two for $70 + $5 shipping (it costs me $16 CND to ship w tracking to the US)SOLD

YYF 888 some scuff marks nothing serious $45 + $5 shipping SOLD

YYF G5 near mint $40 + $5 shipping


What year 888 is that

Not sure, I’s either 2013 or 14

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I’ll take the H5.

Edit: Received. As listed and shipped when stated :+1: :+1: :+1:.

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