Psychedelic Diffusion


Watch in HD please! Worked VERY hard on this one. Most definitely my best work.
Enjoy!  ;D


Awesome. Period.

Also, can you please explain how you do inside outside follows please. Really would appreciate it :).

(Kyle V.) #3

Loved this video… loved the look, the atmosphere, the tricks… uber nice one, sir. Your style rocks.


Make sure you have a tight hold of the slack using your THUMB. Then do a motion similar to Revolution. :wink:


Can you possibly make a video for it?


Absolutely. When I have time. :wink:

Have you asked Bergy? I copied it from him. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, except the last part.


As I previously said…THIS IS AWESOME!!!


I cannot comprehend what I just saw. SO much good stuff. Fresh. Legit. Ton of inspiration right there.
I need some tuts.

(Khent G) #9

Galing mo talaga vivo! na bubulag na nga ako say mga tricks mo! hehe


you r ok


Nice Shot :wink:

Great stuff man, nice flow.


You’ve gotten so good Vivo. I enjoyed every second of it.


What is that at the end hahahaha?


Flowers ate the yoyo.

That’s the why I smelled it. :slight_smile:


Dude, awesome. I have some work to do…geez.