Proud Papa

My son has been yoyoing for about almost 2 months now. So this past sunday i took my son for a drive up to the National Yo-Yo Museum in Chico, California at the Bird in Hand shop, we had a GREAT time the guys there were great!! they helped my son out with some tricks and he almost completed the Level One trick card for a free T-Shirt!! he completed Sleeper, Side Throw Sleeper, Rock the Baby, Tower, Elevator, Brain Twister, Trapeze, Split the Atom and Double or Nothing… and the one that stopped him from getting the free T-shirt was Zipper!!! we just ran out of time for the day but he now pretty much has it down. so next time we go back he will get his free T-Shirt! w000t!

He wants to go back soon but its a 2hr drive for us but its well worth the drive we had a blast!

Thanks Richey and Tim you guys were great!

Thats really cool, how old is your son?

he just turned 13 awhile back :slight_smile:

awsome,I also have to drive like 3 hours to get to redondo,but it’s always worth it

man your a good dad that sounds like a sick way to hang out … my dad thinks yoyos are silly he says they get in the way of my SAT testing

lol,yoyo unfortunantly arent allowed at my school :’(

WHAT O.O thats absurd Y

ya hes not allowed to take his yoyo to school they will take it from him, call him a terrrorist or something like along those lines… however he knows if his grades slip so does his yoyo :). sorry but im a dad first and buddy second.

that true but the way you guys posted it made it sound like gm user was your son :smiley:

lol,well they arent allowed cause someidiot stole a skyline,never came back,if it ever does they might allopw yoyos again,nothing to do with hurting people

Hey yoyochucker,
where do you live? I use to live in Yuba City and my Grandparents still live there.
My Grandpa got me started yoyoing. He was a Duncan champion when he was in
high school.

keep spinning


Ugh. I have the same problem. But with ACTs.

Wow, that’s awesome, your son is very lucky. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

I live in Lincoln, inbetween Sacramento and Yuba, about 1hour and 30 from Bird in Hand.
I have probably seen you guys there, I help teach about once a month.