Project44 Yoyo Equipment Company: Hiatus until further notice

Not sure though but we welcome it on our website to save more.
Since I teased a second wave sale for the end of the month, details of these will be posted on what would it be.

Hi guys! We are almost done in production stage and expect these fresh string bundles will be rolled out to shipment very soon.

Once again thank you so much for supporting our one day sale and look forward for the 2nd wave sale in a upcoming days if you missed it last week. :bowing_man:t2:


The pink looks so good! :raised_hands:t3:

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I know right? It even looks pinkish pastel in person. :sparkling_heart:


Woww i certainly gotta get some eventually! So should everyone else :wink::raised_hands:t3:

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Hey @p44company ,
I would like to test order next time. What configuration you would recommend if I normally use alphalines? And can you post a pic of all colors. I am especially interested in red. Thanks in advance

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Hi @Kray thanks for taking interest on our yoyo strings. so what I’ve researched that alphalines have normal type thickness, close to this thickness that we offer is the STANDARD TYPE.

For colors you may browse our catalog here for more info.

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Thanks @p44company for the swift reply! Looking forward to try your product. All the best

Your welcome! Look forward for our next 2nd sale coming this end of the month if you want to grab our bundles in a discounted price. :wink:

More details will be posted on our blog this 22th of January.

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Ah Great thanks for letting me know. Will check back then soon!

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Good selection of string and nice colors. I like the organization of your catalog. It explains the type of strings clearly.


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I appreciate your thoughts on our catalogs @fos1 ! After we received some messages from customers before, they didn’t understand our string selection and got them confused. Glad we permanently changed it last year for rebranding to make it more simple yet straightforward explanation of our string offerings.

On our follow-up post, we will having a SECOND WAVE SALE starting next weekend for two days only!

More details are posted here on our blog site to know more…


SHIPMENT UPDATE: All orders from 15th to 19th of January are already shipped today. Tracking codes are sent via email but if your tracking details hasn’t show up via philpost website, they’ll scan the package code in a few days because they only forward packages from postal office twice per week to regional hub.

Customers who ordered up to 99USD+ are shipped via DHL and expect package arrival within end of the month.

And as always thank you so much for the support by participating our one day sale last week and look forward for our second wave sale this weekend in 28th to 29th!


Hi Everyone here’s an important quick announcement regarding the upcoming second wave sale

Starting next week our webstores (International & Japan Sites) will be on hiatus due to personal reasons and we will not accept future orders after January 30th, 2023. I’ve received an urgent message from my relatives last night and they need me to handle the situation which I will not get into details, this is just a temporary matter and we might be back in late February as I done settle out the problem.

So if you have plans to purchase our products from the webstore this weekend please take this opportunity, for more details for tomorrow’s second wave sale check out our latest blog post.

That is all for today and I apologize for the sudden announcement and hopefully we can go back to normal operation soon.

Stay safe and KEEP ON THROWING


Heads up!
Second wave sale starts now!
FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING if you are planing on a group buy (details on the hyperlink above).

Discounts are now available so hopefully you take this opportunity if you miss out our previous campaign.

More updates will be posted soon…


Update: As of 5 AM EST, bulk orders from yesterday are already produced and ready to be repacked. The sale will end until today at 11:59 PM EST so you stil have time to check out from our webshop, these will be simultaneously shipped by 31st and look forward for your tracking codes via email.


Give me some!

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SHIPPING UPDATE: Orders from 28th - 30th are already shipped via Post Office for individual customers and DHL for group buyers, for tracking details check your inbox via email and it should be up.

We would like to thank you all for participating our second wave sale and look forward for our next one for our anniversary sale soon in upcoming april.

Our webstore will be in hiatus until further notice so be sure to keep up our next update here on the yye forum.

Stay safe and Keep on Throwing everyone!