Problem With Sharp

I’ve had a RecRev Sharp for 2 days now and I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with it or what I’m doing wrong. After about 20 seconds it starts to tilt which makes it impossible to play with. This is only my second yoyo, my first being a cheap Yomega Hotshot but I never had this problem. The only problem is it didn’t spin long enough.

So does anybody have any advice?


That’s all you, dude. It’s your throw, and the way you’re executing tricks.

A Hotshot to a Sharp is kind of a far jump isn’t it?

ITs probably your throw, I would bet money on it. Make sure it is straight, and the string is not rubbing against the sides too much

I started on an Atmosphere. It’s just a matter of learning to throw and control the yoyo.

That’s funny because the Sharp is one of my most stable yoyos.

The string does like to sit near the edge of the bearing. Does this make a difference? Would a koncave bearing help? And 50 dollars wasn’t a big deal for me to spend so I thought I would try it out. I know it’s imposable to give me tips about my throw without seeing it; but can anyone give me things to do to improve it?

A koncave won’t help much if at all.

check that your throw is straight and the yoyo is not tilting. If it tilts adjust your throw by twisting your wrist a slight bit the opposite direction of the tilt. Observe on the next throw and adjust as needed. See if that works.

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If it is during string tricks this video can help:


Thanks for everyone’s help. I’ll check that video out too. But I have been going non stop since I posted this thread and it’s a lot better. So my throw is either getting better or the yoyo needed to be broken in. Most likely my throw.