Pro Mini Golf?

Okay, watching Bones on Prime. They are investigating the murder of a pro mini golfer. I googled and found there is such a thing and one of the tournaments has a 20k purse.


Probably because mini golf is rad.

Also, if there are professional yoyo players, why not pro mini golf players? A heck of a lot more people can putt decently than can throw a yoyo decently.


Just watch Holey Moley


Once again, Steph beat Lebron :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wow 20k?? That’s crazy. I gotta go practice my mini golf game…


I would assume that pro mini golfers are probably really good at billiards as well.

They might be if they could ever understand the rules of billiards.

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I’ve always loved mini golf. There’s less hacking into the green for me. I had no idea there was cash involved though… makes me wish my town had a course even more!!!