Pride Test

(Alex Fairhurst) #1

Putting the Pride through the paces with what I think is a pretty long combo.

Let me know how much you enjoyed this.



(SlimJoe) #3



Killed it!


Crazy good


Killin it! (in a good way :D)

I’m using this video as inspiration to get better, and learn more tricks! Give you self a round of applause :smiley:


DS Team is where it’s at man! Awesome video, great flow. I also liked the trap music :slight_smile:

(2Sick Joey) #8


(Alex Fairhurst) #9

That’s, like, the coolest thing anyone has ever said. Thank you very much!


Thanks to everyone else for the kind words as well.


SO GOOOOOD :smiley:

Can’t wait to meet you at GA States


he’s going to be there? Awesome. Are you going to bring a pride to try out?


REALLY good. Looks like your signature 7075 throw, correct?

Man… sometimes you watch a video and it blows your mind. This is one of those!

(Alex Fairhurst) #13

Yup! I will have a Pride and a Wrath for everyone to try out. Maybe a Greed by then as well :wink:

You are correct. I’m using my sig 7075 colorway. Thanks a lot, Greg!


Awesome. I’m super excited.

(Alex Fairhurst) #15



Must be one of the best combos i’ve seen in a while.


Awesome! You have a very innovative and unique style.

(Alex Fairhurst) #18

Thank you. That means SO MUCH! IMO, this is one of the greatest compliments a yoyoer can receive. Especially considering all the copycat “generi-tech” styles I see rampant in videos.

Also, bump.


I’m a fanboy.


Ahhhhh Yeahhhh. Awesome combo. Plus Out of my mind is a great song.