PRICE DROP! FS: Format:C, DV888, Shutter, DM2 and more!

Price drop!

PayPal only, free USPS Priority Mail shipping to contiguous USA, no international. Bonus for first 4 people who purchase… continue reading.

1. One Drop Format:C Grey (mint with box) - $95 $85

One Drop 10-ball bearing may need cleaning or broken in more. Currently on the loud side.

2. YYF DV888 Grey (mint) - $35 $30

3. YYF Shutter Aqua w/Black Splash (mint with box) - $40 $35 SOLD

4. YYJ Dark Magic II Red w/additional narrow bearing (mint with box) - $40 $35

5. YYF Speed Dial (b-grade) + YYF Velocity Green - $20 $15 for both

6. Yomega Maverick Red + Ooch-Yo Blue - $40 $30 for both

7. Yomega Raider + RBII + Hyper Warp + Fireball - $20 $15 for all four


First 4 people who buy something each gets a free new Dollar Tree yoyo! I have 3 black and 1 red. Take your pick while it’s still available.

PayPal only. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for checking it out!

Shutter has been sold.

last bump before all this goes on the 'bay.