Pre-Contest ritual


What is your pre-contest ritual?

For me, I watch Jensen’s 2010 BAC freestyle, bind exactly four times, then I don’t touch my yoyo until I get to the contest.

(rizkiyoist) #2

This is the first time I heard something like this.
However I do know that the next contest I will not play too much as to hurt my fingers and getting too tired before getting on stage.


Pre-performance ritual: wash hands, let dry, stand there watching another performance while I get my yoyos ready, stand there with a sick feeling in my stomach because I have a feeling I’m going to do horribly.
Pre-contest ritual: Check my yoyos several times, make sure I have strings, make sure I have scissors, make sure I have lube, and make sure I have the case that I made sure I had all the previous things in.