Powdered Eneme

Here’s the polished Eneme from the other thread. Has a blue translucent gap and polished hub. Has another very thin coat of super gloss clear on the entire yoyo. Which means the polish will not get smudged or oxidize…ever. :-*

Don’t forget the custom string…That I just happen to sell…of any combo/color…of course!

Good enough to eat :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great! how does it play? grindable?

Plays good but grinds are not happening with the powder coat. It’s super glossy and very, very smooth.

Whats a powder coat, and how do i do it.

Such a slick looking powder coat!


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An epoxy in a powder form that is electricly charged out of an air controlled gun. It sticks to the work piece that is grounded to except the material from the gun then it is baked off in an oven THAT SHOULD NEVER EVER BE USED AGAIN TO COOK FOOD IN. Let cool, enjoy product.

Use google they will have tons of “powder coat” topics.

Ooohh, so pretty.