Post pictures of yourself!

Just a place to post pictures of yourself ,so we know more about each other.

These are the only pictures of myself that I could access from my iPad.
I have to admit that the last photo is one of my darkest ones.

I’m tempted to compliment you guys on your good looks…

Maybe I’ll post a pic later.

Come on ,keep it going. :smiley:
Album cover from me and my cousins rap group.
Me in the back right.

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All Y’all looks like yer zombies er sumthin.

Just a couple of pictures, unfortunately not many clear ones of me yoyoing :frowning:

They don’t have to be yoyoing photos ,just pictures of yourself. :smiley:

fixed for I6ify

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Yep, that’s exactly what I said when she took that picture. I mean, those are the words that came out of my mouth as that was taken.

Also, new profile pic, now.

I feel like a hero.

Just joking…

Eli hops plus tropical storm winds don’t mix…

And here’s a good clear picture of me.

Haha ,nice!

Nice ,keeping the thread going. :smiley:

I LOVE that sauce! So fricking spicy!!

Me in one of my 3 newspaper appearances!

He asked to do a trick that bounced towards the camera(the newspaper cameraman said that) then he said in a very worried voice, well how much control od you have? COnsidering his camera was probably 2k at least.

Try not to drool too much.
Btw: I’m not that pale. It’s just the picture.