Or prelims results?

I stole this from caribouchris’s Facebook.

10:00 PST - No results?

From the YYF Facebook: “PNWR 1A results 3rd Kevin Nicolas, 2nd Eric Koloski, 1st Zach Gormley”

Anyone have full results?

Here’s everything I could find and put together:

Thanks Steve. You’re not all bad, you know?


Aww, thanks.

Just for that, I added spreadsheets of full results for all divisions to the original post.

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I found a lot more by just Googling “pnwr 2013”.

Really wanting to see Jensen’s performance!

He performed? I have to see this!

Yep,he was 8th in 1a



Jensen is back! Sort of… ???

Yeah… He didn’t seem to care and he seemed too calm and not into it. :frowning:

i think they are going to Cal States too.

But in other news,Gormley got 1st and he found a Pokemon Center!

They are. They shut down the site’s store because they’re in the US

Yeah he definitely seemed out of it and performed in a non-caring way. I guess that’s what winning worlds will do to you…

I liked his chillness. He seemed to be like yoyoing should be, relaxed an carefree.
I really liked this performance actually. I hope he stays this way.