PNWR 2020, who's going?

Anyone heading out to PNWR this weekend?

I have to be in Seattle for a work event on Friday, so I’m going to stay the night and hang out for a chunk of Saturday. Won’t be around for any after contest stuff, as I’ve got to get back for a family thing early Sunday. But I’m stoked to be able to show up to (IMO) the best regional contest in the US for the first time in a couple of years.

Hope a few of the YYE forum crew will be there also. @AndreBoulay @YoYoExpertGarrett are you guys heading out?


@AndreBoulay and @Eric_Koloski will be there running the YYE table at the event!



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Really? Nobody else?

Excited to see you there!

It seems like there is a lot of people going… I feel like someone else here must be! lol.