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Ok got several to list here. All prices shipped, ConUS:
OD Rally: this one does not have cracks! I’d call it near mint, no damage to speak of. This was the last Rally I got so it didn’t get much play $50, $45, $40, $35
OD Valor: predecessor of the VTWO and and awesome 7075 yoyo. This is the copper color. No damage whatsoever $65, $60, SOLD
OD Code1 GZR: the GZR was the 7075 version of the original Code1. Not a lot of these out there. The halves of the yoyo are clean and damage free, but the side effects have minor pitting from age. Not sure if it’s the plating or what, visible up close but not obvious from a couple feet. Plays really nicely (no box) $85, $80, $75, $70
G2 E18 AL7: recent AL7 Assassin retirement run. Glitch, but as per usual with G2, it’s hard to tell why. maybe a hint of vibe? Completely mint. Only selling because I have multiples, these things are great $80 GONE
YYWS Armament: this is a really limited, 1 of 3, OG Armament. The Minefield edition is 7075, all of the others including the Von Boom were 6061. Plays like a dream (no box) $90, $85, $80, $75
Let me know if you have questions or want more pics (I will reply). Thanks for looking!
Edit- one other throw that I forgot to list this time, and the last couple times I’ve posted here, is none other than the AL7 Dirty Penny Triton. I guess we could say it is “tentatively” listed, and please feel free to PM me if you’re interested. I didn’t officially list it because I hadn’t decided on an asking price, but again, PM if interested
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Can we see a pic of it? Not familiar with the colorway.

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I will try to get a pic up later but I won’t have much time at home today. It’s half light copper/ half darker copper (just “copper” as in the color, no plating)

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Behold the Dirty Penny AL7 Triton


Pleased to see you’re not selling any of your Spinworthy stuff :sweat_smile:.

There will come a day when I will see someone selling it. It will hurt, but I’ll be ok. :rofl:



So the “Dirty Penny” Triton was a half-swapped colorway from the factory?

I wouldn’t say “half swapped” but technically it is the same result. The halves were designed to be analogous colors. There was the dirty penny and another, the name of which I can’t remember, that was two shades of blue.


I was thinking it would be more like the “bruised banana” colorway, sort of an acid wash of a darker color over a lighter one.

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Some drops



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