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Internet censorship is basically , a new law that could be implemented in Canada.
Its a law that blocks certan sites , and it gives police the permision to monitor your computer.

The Canadian Conservative government is ready to crush internet freedom in Canada. The
citizens of the world spoke clearly on January 18, 2012, that internet, communications should not be criminalized. But the Conservatives in Canada, plan to ram through their own
versions of SOPA , PIPA , and even more. Their legislation is in two proposals, called
Bill C 30 and Bill C 11. The goal of Bill C 30 is to make it legal for the Conservatives
and their police friends to get all the information they want, about what you do on the internet. Bill C 11 will make file sharing, as Canadians now know it, a criminal activity.
People who share files of anything copyrighted will be criminals. Web sites where people
can share files will be illegal. Bill C 30 will then let the Conservatives police forces search for you on the net without a warrant. When they find you they can enter your home and take your computer equipment and software. You will be open to prosecution, fines, and jail. The Conservatives have told everyone they want to build more prisons. Bills C 30 and C 11 make it very clear they plan to fill these new jails with file sharers, and anyone else they can find, when they make it legal for the police to cruise the internet at their leisure looking for anything a Canadian does, on the internet.

Don’t forget Bill C-309 - FIVE YEAR PRISON SENTENCE for “unlawful assembly” aka, any protest the police state hasn’t approved of. We wont allow them to take our freedom! Prepare for the fight of your life Canadians! People of the world will unite against the elite! Long live liberty!

I’d say the language of these statements is designed to incite rather than inform.

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