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Werrd TFL 88 Satined for the 888?
Willing to throw in cahey money!


my mint numba 875 pyro light for the skyline or 888


i wanna buy the second one the CLYW of w/e set price i will bargain down xD Can u hubstack it?


lol no sorry man unfortunately you can’t hubstack a CLYW, but just about 50% of all yoyofactory yoyo’s have hubstacks if thats what you’re really looking for. and the BvM is about $105…i wont go much lower from that if you wanted to bargain… thanks for the post!


how much 4 pre production skyline?


well if i had to put a price on it i would sell it for $85?

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how much for DNA ???


$80? price is negotiable…


PM’d ;D

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