please delete

im keeping it

Why would you sell for 60-80 is they only go for 45

this is the other type of dingo

what other type og dingo.give me info and we’ll see

im not sure but it use to be 90 plus it comes with a ct bearing

The custom Annoed Dingos that they send to Vendetta. Or the soda Blasted one?

i think its soda blasted idk

Wait, wait, wait…if it’s custom annodized by Vendetta and you only got red then you wasted a LOT of money and was definantly not worth it. If you got it soda blasted by Onedrop they go for only $45 and even if it was mint it would only sell for $40 at the most.


these are not the offers i want so im keeping it

you can delete this thread yourself you know, its saves the Mods doing it and wasting their time.