Please Delete (SOLD)

I picked this up recently, and I love it, but I’m not throwing it much. Has too much of a collection-aura to it. I am therefore listing it. No damage, complete with box, patch, and string.

Asking $110.


Random observation: I have a black AL7 scout. Did you want to half-swap?

(probably not, but I love black/silver swaps so I thought I’d at least ask)

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Hmmm…that’s a neat idea, and it’d likely help me mind-switch it to a throw I’m happy to throw. That said, I won’t jump at it yet, but I’ll definitely think about it.

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Yeah sure no worries, zero urgency. I am planning to hang on to my AL7 so let me know… I will say that silver black swaps always look classy as heck though :man_in_tuxedo:

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Dropped the asking price to $110 and am open to trades, specifically OD, 2Sick, and MFD.