PLEASE DELETE. Shutters Shutters Shutterrs


All MINT only tested.
$40 each
Any 2 for $65
Any 3 for $85
Any 4 for $100
Buy 4 or more and get one of the cases free.
All prices include US shipping

Wtb/LF aqua/blue fade yoyofactory shutter

JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS FOLKS!! Shutters all around! :beers:


I don’t like to post in BSTs but I have to ask this. Why do you have 12 shutters?


Dude it is @smonuts it is better not to ask about this sort of thing




we gotta major gentry fan here!!!


He probably wrote this post from outside Gentry’s house, in his car.

(ClockMonsterLA) #8

I have multiple Shutters too, but no duplicates of the same finish.

(Jacob Waugh) #9

This just made my day.


Black is Sold

A bst psa. :)

PM sent on aqua/blue fade


Blue/Aqua fade SOLD


Galaxy SOLD

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