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Welcome to michaels chopping block, all are up for sale or trade. Kinda picky on trades atm but feel free to ask.

But all priced to move

!!!Take last three available for 100$ today (5/19)!!!

sold Markmont black canon mint no box (i have too many other good slimlines) 40$ shipped

G2 reaper near mint on rub on a rim. Probably from the case :sob: has box and goodies 35$shipped

Few and far between taijitu near mint has a nick from another yoyo does not effect play and plays smooth box pin sticker included 40$shipped

G2 mongoose near mint some scuffs super minor no box 35$ shipped

on hold Yyws capstan '22 field day colorway mint with box flatbearing and concave and tool just like new 60$shipped


Kraken (cool ano plz)
Mini banshee


I’ve done business with Michael on the bst. I can vouch he’s the homie🤙🏽


Those are nice looking! One thing I will say, if it has any type of something that happened to it, such as a burn/rub on the ano, unless it came from g2 that way(being a b grade or j grade or something), it’s not mint. Mint means, as it came from the factory. And it would be near mint. If it came like that then it would be a mint b grade. People in this community can be extremely nice and extremely toxic, especially by using 1 wrong word. So just a heads up on that.


Thank you, took it out all together. And you are correct. And was not implying it being mint whatsoever at all. But correct near mint would be a better way too put it.

Damn! That’s a good deal. Don’t temp me with a good time

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Update to bump date

Janus has sold!

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Bumppity get me some moneyyy

Malivore has been traded!

Bump to the top. Steals here on some good throws. Tryna pay off others and get an ixion! Help yah dude outtt. Also shoot offers if you got!

Capstan is held!

Canon is pending!

Canon is sold!

Take last 3 for 100$!

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