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The current Share the Love thread made me realize I just want to throw these in the glove box and hand them out when someone ask me about throwing.

I end up with stuff I don’t use. Buy it from me.

Rain City Skills Ducc V1 in Mallard color way. With box. NMTBS

MYY V3 in Black. With box both axles and bearings. NMTBS

Duncan Butterfly in Target Pink. It has kissed the concrete, but still plays fine.

I have two Duncan Freehand Ones. One is Neo Green and one is white. I have three sets of caps (clear, white, and neo Green). Pick shell color and cap color to make one throw. I’ll keep the other. You can also pick a couple of the dice shown in the pic.

I’ll throw in some string, pads, and a single yoyo case.






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