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I’d love to do a ‘many for one’ trade (wherein you get a bunch of these, and I get one of yours), but of course open to sale. All are in at least 8/10 condition unless otherwise noted. Prices are shipped CONUS, F&F, but you are welcome to pay G&S fees if you like. Take $7 off of for every additional jojo purchased! Take the remaining lot for $333! 2 bimetals, and 8 others (including a 2A looping starter set)!

PM to discuss international shipping options!

Edit: Euphonious gone! Element X gone! Basilisk-D Gone! Chewed-up Kodiak Gone! Murmur gone! D-Runner Gone! Deduction Gone! Aurora Gone! Gamer Gone!

Looking for these:
Trion Crash
Atomic Crash
Hydrogen Crash
Copper Plated Anything
Nickel Plated Anything
Ti (already have Vayder, Wanker, Project Ti, AnTiThesis, would love any Ti with SEs, or a 000)
Large-to-giant organics (Pomelo, Overture, Metal Drifter XL, etc.)
Always more handmade wood


@MWB Kodiaks


New year new bump

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lol Richardrunner.


Gotta keep it clean for the kids!


Bumpty Dumpty.

Added Crash Wants.

Bump! Make me an offer! Ask about bundles! Post pics of your cat!

Euphonious has been reserved.

Bump Element X gone!

My cat sleeping with my dog by the new wood stove. Get it up to 75 in the living room and everyone passes out.

PS. Might be down for a “many for one” trade on the RichrdRunner. Lemme see what I can come up with.


I should clarify I’d like to give many of mine and get one back. But screw it show me what you got!

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Still some nice pieces left!



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@Mkaiver93 basilisk d bearing

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