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Prices are shipped via domestic USPS only. Feel free to ask for a rep check and/or more detailed pictures. All Yoyos in left column, (Bangers), are NMTBS.

Left Column:
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SOLD TMBR This A Way/That A Way - Ash (deluxe version) $55 SOLD

SOLD TMBR Fremont 2020 - Maple $65 SOLD

SOLD Fair Trade Yoyos Project Y $55 SOLD

Price is shipped by domestic USPS, all damage pictured, dm for additional pics.

TMBR Irving 2019 (purple heart) - 3 minor dents, pictured, purple heart TMBR fixies are pretty hard to come by, and no one really knows when there will be more ph fixies from them. Purple heart plays heavier than most other fixie materials, so this one provides a different experience than even other Irving 2019s.

SOLD Get yours today for $69 shipped! SOLD

Right Column
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SOLD Freshly Dirty Cardboard Steamboat - couple of scuffs, fingernail vibe - $45 SOLD

MikeMonty Memento - 3 bad spots, fingernail vibe $20

SOLD Rain City Skills Author V2 - one scuff that doesn’t break ano $25 SOLD


i heard @Sinister_Yoyos rep so good, they just let him
take money out of any bank without a ID


I was just thinking that of David sent me a Paypal invoice I would probably just pay it without thinking twice, lol.


grab that fty pjy!


Thanks for the love and the money. That PayPal invoice thing is a little known secret of mine. It really works in a pinch. I still have 2 throws left and I really need the funds to buy my wife a fantastic birthday present, especially now that people know about the invoices. After all, I have a reputation to uphold.

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i remember when…. you couldn’t
find a project y on the bst…. all the stores were sold out… i think there was a feller sellin’ one for $55 at the time on the bst… heheheh…. but that was a long time ago…

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You really know how to trigger fomo…

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Bump! New product added