Please close! We’re gonna make a new one and it’s gonna be big!

If I learned anything from watching tv it’s that bundling and saving makes people happy with their insurance or something like that. So let’s bundle! Grados are gone but the Inevitable are still here.

Partial trades welcome. Let’s bundle! Ask for any combo and I’ll cut you a deal! Let’s move these bad bois.

Bangarang pending. Some small scratches as anodized ti has, but still solid as bangarangs are. Comes with all you see here, shipped via usps in the USA. Wild berry meltdown color. 180 obo.

Feedback: JSERR feedback

YYR Inevitable: Love it. Need some cash, it’s not getting a lot of play time and I’m gonna chase a Draupnir down the line. In good shape, 8/10 on the vibe scale. No box, just the throw. Only damage I can find is this microscopic ano chip and the world most impossible to photograph scratch, as circled. Wonderful grey and gold rims. 80 obo.

Grado SR325i: TRADED modded quite a bit. Not sure about the drivers, but sounds good. Modded with a leather head band, detachable 3.5mm to dual 2.5mm cable, brand new replacement foam pads, gently used Dekoni custom sheepskin and velour giant cups (these are way too bass heavy but it’s glorious with movies). Comes with all that and a hard shell Slappa case. Gimbals are JB welded to secure them in place but would probably be cool to get some custom metal gimbalsnto complete the custom look. Basically the works unless you want some particularly fancy drivers, they’re Grado so you can always mod them even further. 190 TRADED Or bundle it! We love a good bundle here. Call me Flo from Progressive because we love bundles!!! TRADED


Good seller


How bout a bump?

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It’s bump day! We’re wheeling and dealing! I’ve dropped prices like they’re hot!

A little mid week bump for y’all. Prices have dropped. Bundles abound. Possible throws to come.

Bump! Hit me up for shipping by Saturday!

@SammyCaboose You know you want some Grados buddy, lol

Free bump

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BUMP! Grados are spoken for but the yo-yos are still here. Come get some throws!

Bump! Bangarang might stick around but the Inevitable is still here! Looking for a shutter evo if you don’t want to buy.

Bump! Get that inevitable.

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