Philadelphia Yoyo meets!!!! Coming soon

(2Sick Joey) #1

Hey all!!

I wanted to create a post to see if any on here lived in or near Philadelphia, Pa? Spencer Berry (the legend himself lol) just moved to Philly and was wanting to put together some regular meet ups in Philly. We have a Facebook group that anyone who is interested can join, it’s called Philadelphia yoyo & skill toy club. You can search it on Facebook to join or you can message me there Joey Serrano and I can invite you to the group.

A date for the first meet isn’t set and we are trying to find as many skill toy players in the area. There hasn’t been much details worked out but just wanting to gauge how many people are down for meet ups.I’m not in Philadelphia but 1.5 hours north but I’m willing to drive down to the meet ups when they happen.

If you have any questions you can post here or message me.


You know what, screw it, I’m game.