Phase 2

This is actually my first real yoyo vid thats not a tutorial vid (i have tuts for some of the tricks i do in the vid). Well technically it’s my second video but my first was when i had been yoyoing for like, 3 months and it only went onto facebook sooo…

Anyway, enjoy


How do you do that slack whippy thing that you it?

You mean at :47?
All that was just a turn over whip, followed a paul han laceration, followed by a double laceration

All three elements found here-

I like your tech. Really nice video. I did notice that you were using Yuuki Slack a lot. Maybe instead of just doing a generic yuuki slack change it up a bit and do a variation. That way it keeps your tricks from having too many of the same elements. No offense or anything. Just trying to be constructive.

Actually the one at 1:40

Thanks for the comment man, you gave me some things to think about. I think I only did yuuki slack 1 time but I had some similar type of tricks.

Shadowz- I will make a tutorial for that trick. I’ll start on it tomorrow, should be out over the weekend.

Well if they similar then I guess that technically makes them variations. Which means the tricks are fine. Maybe you were just doing something a little different and I didn’t catch on to it. If that’s the case then keep up the good work!

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something came up today and I wasn’t able to finish editing the tutorial. all the filming and stuff is done though. I should finish it by tomorrow.