Perpetum and Punchliner HELP !

i just gone through the two tricks at but it seems the two tricks are not that easy as wad i saw from the videos.

the perpetum starts with a brother trapeze and then just repeating the steps over and over again. but whenever i passed the yoyo and back to a brother trapeze and gonna pull it back to position again, the string overlaps inside the bearing and kinda like eating the strings up. ive a hard time keeping up the momentum there.

the punchliner starts with a upside down trapeze, so is the string in a “ready to bind” state for upside down trapeze ? and whenever i swing my yoyo counter clockwise to land on all the strings, i often lost momentum and also hit my thumb or any other part of my hand… how to prevent that ?


BUMP~ guys can check these two tricks out at youtube too… help~~

At the secound trick you may have a yoyo with some rasponse? If not? Try to make the string in the up-down trapeze thing skide instead of binding? Never seen the trick, but sounds like that can help:)