Perfect Fit Yo-yo Leashes New colors!!!!!!!!

Take your pick first come first served. $5.50 shipped. I prefer pay pal if you don’t have pay pal pm me and we will work some thing out. New colors Looking for an Aquarius.

Awesome, may be my next investment.

Oh, I want one so bad! I am pretty sure I am going to get one.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAA noooooo i just bought a Bloop today and now i really want a glow one but im broke noooooooo :’( :’( :’( these look so sick

Dude i want one.

Jeromy, did you ever send those PF Strings?

DAM i want one so bad to bad i dont have money. Ill definitely get one later if you still have any

Please refrain from saying that.

He was talking about something that contains water. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dam. The dam was a fun place to visit. Dam, what a great place.


Quit hijacking my thread, man some times I don’t get it. If you want one PM me.

The red and black on the bottom is sold thanks Mot5600

Dude do you color the dye yourself?

Ah cool when i saw these i didnt have awesome dice so i use my Pikachu cw and its awesome

New colors

I PM’d you

What does it mean when somebody "bump"s