Peak 2 Announced!!!!

The Peak 2 has finally been announced! CLYW it is a much improved version of their legendary model the Peak. Here are specs pics too come.

Diameter: 54.32mm
Width: 44.4 mm
Weight: 65.3g

So excited what about you guys??!?!!

I got so excited.

this is actually happening

And don’t forget the Special Edition to be released at the same time. It is so Awesome, it will Scare yours other yoyos right out of your yoyo bag!

It is the 125 gram, glow in the dark Peak-a-Boo!

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I’m confused. I figured it was a joke (obviously, given the date), but then I saw the trailer on youtube and now I don’t really know what to think.

Youtube - CLYW - Peak 2 ft. Zach Gormley

Is this actually real or not? :confused:

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The Peak 2 is nothing.

Did you see the new Cotton Candy flavored pads by IrPad.  They are heavenly.

i c wut u did

Haha April Fools not funny.

I hate all of you

They are all coming like this!

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I’m not believing this :wink:


April first; The day where you can trust none of the following: People, articles in the news, forum posts, links you click, videos on youtube, announcements, or facebook. Say this again tomorrow and I’ll believe you.

Hahahaaaaa nice april fools my friend! well played!

April foolsss

No it’s real! I PM’d Yoyoexpert. Look:

YYE has a time machine?!

Oh, wow. Completely forgot about that part. I changed everything by the title. Hahaha… Nevermind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah no longer December :stuck_out_tongue: