Pancake Combo

Pancake Combo. Check it



Totally Legit.

Thanks for the comments, and if I have time I may make one

that was an awesome combo. is that string really long?

Wow I get this from everyone. I’m short but it is normal uncut poly. Thanks for the comment!

Style for miles

Awwww man?!?!?! And I got out the syrup for nothing :smiley:

I must say, that’s one heck of a combo, I dig it!

Sweet as pie.

Since you guys like the combo I’ll do it for my prelim at PNWR… If you are going, see you there!

Does it taste good?

Cause it looks good. :slight_smile:
Has a nice Jensen-esque feel to it but with your own take. I like the flow and the big movements.

damn dude this is fresher than the phenomizm ya know what i’m sayin? ahahaha

Where can I learn that laceration double or nothing? It’s so freshh.

I don’t know of any tutorials, but you whip the string like your whipping to a trapeze on your throwhand but put your hand through the loop then you want to put your finger out and land on the double or nothing… haha that’s all I got. Glad you liked the combo

Superb video lfinny. But I am little bit confused here…does this Pancake trick also known as Flic Flac ?? ???

The video is a combo meaning it has a lot of tricks within. Which part of my combo is “Flic Flac”?