Package Deal**Bunch of Stuff for 175

Okay guys so i desperately need money for a computer so im selling my YYG star hole case,B-grade pink mint ministar, Red protostar, 2 big yos,fhz by minus mike, a fhz, yomega dash,a hyper raider modded by Patrick Mitchell,Bearings,string,hubstacks,ricestacks,and more for 175…This is an amazing deal. If you are the first to offer i will give it to you for 150.All to you for 150+ shipping

Would you just sell the case and red protostar ? And do you have pics

How much just for the case bcuz I want it so bad? plz reply

im sry dont trust him, he is a scam. I know him on a personal Level, dont trust this kid. Im out $70 bux because of this kid…

Okay thanks for telling me you just spared some of my cash
Thanks again!!!