Package deal and BST
Just like the title says everything in the first link for $165

Single prices:
augie 888-$70
wheels mod-$15
enyo hitman-$25

add $5 for shipping

I prefer mint metals and cash

Only interested in these kinds of plastics:
Non metal rimmed yyj
Rare Zeros
GS1 and GS2

It’s been 24 hrs so I’m bumping this! I haven’t seen an SOAS Pyro on the bst forever! It’s even mint, MINT! I can’t believe this is still available.

Also have a early run sportster I’ll be adding soon

Willing to bundle
NM3 and enyo hm for 100
Augie 888 and journey for 100
Skyline, journey and vict or wheels mod for 100
vict, and journey for $40
vict, wheels mod, and hm for $100

would sell everything minus the pyro and cfgt for $285

might be adding a rooyo HF and cafe racer soon

Feel free yo lowball on my yoyos since I realize the prices are a little high

all in the link for $210

Skyline gone and I have some interest in the sportster and HF so it looks like they’ll be gone by next week at the latest