Pacific Bonfire



so I’ve got a new video out!

This one was shot while traveling along the Pacific coast of Oregon.

hope you enjoy! ;D


Nice! Great tricks, fantastic locations!

(velez_adrian) #3

Yo! It was cool. Mwr will be super fun this year. I hope I make it to finals.


My favorite trick was the first one you did on those rocks. It was coolio.


Dang, I thought you might have been in So Cal with us when I read the title! Oh well…

Will you be at BLC??


Thanks Adrian! Yeah, I’m super pumped for MWR!

qpwoei12, I haven’t had the pleasure of being in SoCal ince '08 when I stayed w/ some peeps before driving up for Nationals. :frowning:

don’t think I’ll be able to swing a trip out there anytime soon either. :confused:


You and your wife are a creative force in yoyo video-making. :slight_smile: Really enjoyable stuff, Adam.


My fav trick is where you move your hands up then the wave hits :wink:


Great video Adam. I especially liked that last trick. Bravo.


me too! ;D

(major_seventh) #11

Love this vid. So happy. ;D

(Zammy Ickler ) #12

You and your wife did a splendid job on this video. Perfect locoation spots for filming, top not material for tricks and overall splendid feel. I can’t say any critism for this.


thanks Zamm!

This was easily the most fun I’ve had making a video. Every spot along highway 101 of the Oregon coast is sheer beauty.

So many times it felt like Bri and I had traveled back to the jurassic age. Everything was so pristine and unspoiled.

A real treat.


Couldn’t resist