P. lemonade charm + red onedrop rebirth!

just bought from yoyoexpert ~2 weeks ago, thrown for a maximum of 30 minutes just to decide between it and another onedrop i had. never once hit anything besides the bottom of the string, literally 100% glass smooth which is miraculous when it comes to side effect yoyos, never been unscrewed/tightened. exactly identical to one you’d buy from the storefront besides the string and the extra set of fingerprints you’d find if you did a swab. asking 65$ USD G&S shipped to the US or canada, which is a little less than buying one here and getting free shipping.

completely mint A grade, no box, slight string and nail vibe typical with this particular model. only thrown a few times, comes with fresh luftpads and a concave+groove 8 ball installed. 65$ USD G&S shipped to the US or canada.

Or take both for 120$ USD shipped G&S.


bump 9!