FT/FS: One Drop, YYJ, Aoda, Concave Bearings

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All Prices are shipped except for international orders, add $10

Feel free to shoot me a message for any questions/concerns.

One Drop:
Trades only (really like this you’ll have to trade big) | Dietz - Mint Red

YoYo Jam:
Selling/Trading | Dark Magic - General Scuffs and Marks with Red RTV silicone - Blue w/ Caps (Speed and Spec Bearing Included)

$25 | - Mint Green (C size concave bearing)

$22 | - Mint (A size concave bearing)

$30 | - Mint orange (C size concave bearing)

$6 | C size Concave - Three available
$6 | D size Concave - Two available

Here is some video reviews I did for the throws:
Aoda Holy Cherry Review
Aoda Rainbow Review
Aoda Free King Review
Aoda Follow Wind Review
Aoda Littles Review
Aoda Hill & River Review
Aoda Fly Blade/Transparent Sword Review

$12+shipping | - Mint (C size flat bearing)
$15+shipping | - Mint
$20+shipping | - Mint (A size concave bearing)
$25+shipping | - Mint orange (C size concave bearing)
$20+shipping | - Mint metallic blue (C size concave bearing)
$20+shipping | - A mint black & A mint purple (C size concave bearing)
POPstar - Green Popstar with box, has two dings about the diameter of a BB. Traded
Hill & River - Mint (D size concave bearing) Keeping

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are the adoyas responsive or un unresponsive how smooth are they

Quick question what’s the Dancing Pearl Aoda like? My friend is giving me one and I’d like to know how it plays. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

i would like a d size bearing if u have any left