Oxygene for sale/trade!

Oxygene Megatron completely mint and smooth, comes with oxygene drawstring bag. 250$

Oxygene Obsidian signed by Carlo Menon (founder and owner of Oxygene) completely mint, a bit vibey but nothing crazy. No original packaging. 125$

My wants are:

CLYWxOnedrop Kosciuszko 7 Summits
Turning Point Blasted finish bimetal Leviathan
3Yo3 Splash colourway Bassline 2
RecRev Badrep or Badrep Lite
Xcubed The Seed
Xcubed Aware

must be like-new for me to consider it (besides Badrep or Badrep Lite, I’ll take what I can get with those :sweat_smile:)

If you want to buy, the prices are in USD and do not include shipping cost or PayPal fees if you choose to send G&S. I live in Canada and use PayPal only.


Bump 10!