Overdrive Draupnir(Sold) for sale

Silver with rose gold rims.

Thrown a few times… Sleeps in its’ box. Spins very very smooooth. Zero marks on it.

$150 shipped/Priority/insured/g&s Paypal included/in the U.S. only.

Selling at a reasonable price only because I want to get the Orange Overdrive/D.


I have the full black one, I want the orange one too to use more cause I’m scared to damage mine aha🙌🏽


oh no, this is such an awesome deal… i hope someone jumps on this deal soon!

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I pretty much like to give deals that I would like to get. That way I can possibly better inspire a sale. So I complete my mission. And the buyer doesn’t have to swing for the bleachers.

I really like this colorway. I just happen to have a soft spot for ‘orange’.


Too … many … good … deals … this … month!




Beautiful. I have the Purple. I’d jump on this if I didn’t already spend my yo-yo money this month.

That new orange is gorgeous too. Love this yo-yo in all its colors.


When I first showed some thrower friends the orange they didnt like it at first, I would really like to have it but low on funds for throws at the moment :persevere::raised_hands:t4:

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Hey @yoyodoc, is this still available?

Yes… just been busy with a Plumbing job.

No big deal…

Just 14000 gallons.

Problem solved…

PS… let me just clarify something. I don’t want to sound like Super Plumber.

My elderly Uncle Jim mentioned to me that the water service charged him with using over 14000 gallons of water. He lives alone and doesn’t use more than 1000 gallons per billing period.

I told him one of 3 things went bad. 1. Billing error. 2. Gauge malfunction. 3. A failed pipe section between the meter, up to and including the house.

I pull up to his driveway. And as I walked up the driveway. I can smell the water. I kneel down by one of the screened vents and I can actually hear water splashing.

So I lived through an unscheduled adventure and achieved a happy ending.

Amazingly, after my successful mission. I couldn’t wait to go into his house to share the end result of this mess. I walked to his den and he was sitting at his desk. Watching a rerun of Big Bang Theory with the sound turned off😳

I saved him literally hundreds of dollars on Emergency Plumbing services🤓.

I told him, ‘Hey, Uncle Jim. I just saved the Planet from drought.’

He glanced over at me. And said, ‘Thanks. You want any dried figs’?

Fact is stranger than fiction.



Glad you got it taken care of! When you’re able, please check your messages. Thanks!

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