original run pyro

I’m thinking about putting up my pyro in the bst, but I’m not sure what its worth anymore, is the original run worth more than when it first came out? I’m still not 100% about getting rid of it. But I’ve gotten my throws out of it. But like I said, I need to know what its worth. Basically, if it was your yoyo, what would you expect to get for it. It’s number 273 btw. Also the reason I don’t know its value is because I have been away from the community for about 3 years. And can’t find anything about them anywhere

Just sold this on the Ebay.


Easiest way to establish value. :slight_smile:

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70 dollar range seems right depends on condition though

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Thanks gents, I think i’ll be putting it up on the bst. I really do appreciate it.