Original combo

Hey forum-goers. I’m fairly new to the yo-yo community (the first contest I ever went to was 2016 Worlds in Cleveland) and I figured to dive right in to the community I’d share some tricks I’ve come up with lately and see how they are.

Please be gentle with criticisms… I’m new… thanks ;D

Also I apologize for the low video quality. I don’t have a good camera, and am filming this off an 8-year-old macbook. Hopefully you guys can see the tricks ^^’

EDIT: I tried embedding the video but that didn’t work. So I changed it to the link, hopefully that will work better.

That is a reall cool whip and finishing triangle hop. I think I am going to have to try and get this down.

Thanks for the feedback :smiley: that’s great motivation for me to start posting more stuff. If I get a better camera I might start making tuts for the harder tricks.

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