What yoyo do u guys like better the dark magic 2 or the shutter?!?

(Owen) #2



Can you explain why?

(Owen) #4

It’s smoother, more stable, grinds better, does great finger grinds, and is just way better.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #5

They are both very good yoyos, but what are you looking for in a yoyo?


Just a stable play and Long sleep time. I dont really care weather its metal or hibrid. And binds nice. Like the yyf legacy.


Dark magic 2 runs very high walls which is horrible for horizontal play. Add to the fact that yoyojams can crack when exposed to too much heat or cold and it just doesn’t sound like a very great yoyo compared to everything else available on the market.

Go for the shutter. The beadblasted ones are even better for finger grinding. I think the level 6 from C3 is a little more stable though.


I have both and I can say that the shutter is better. It can pull off awesome tricks and has a good catch zone. The DM2 has high walls which can cause it to be more responsive than you like and may cause to to shoot bam up to your hand.