Onedropyoyos Presents: The New Proto

Filmer’s: Greg Henkhaus & Garrett Guinn
Yoyoer: Ibrahim Rahman

Filmed with two cameras, on a snow day when we had school off! We really made this for fun and were very excited to finally finish the video! The video isn’t really for tricks but for its cinemotography and just to show you guys what we did on that day off. Thanks for watching we really appreciate all your guys support!

WATCH IN HD for more S.W.A.G.

Sweet! Good stuff right, the yoyoing and camera work.

Thanks man, I always appreciate your comments!


Love it

So fresh, and in HD…SO awesome!

nice, i really enjoy the video, and really tease me about the yoyo… :o

Awesome video.

Is that a Halifax I see?

Awesome vid dude!!!