One Drop Yo-Yos Rebirth

The Rebirth is the signature yo-yo of One Drop team player Ryosuke Kawamura.

Ryosuke was the first player to join our team from Japan and he has been an amazing ambassador for yo-yoing. He is consistently promoting yo-yo players in Japan to the rest of the world and at the same time representing One Drop in the highest caliber. We are so proud and fortunate to have him on our team and it is time for a signature yo-yo.

Ryosuke is a huge of fan of the One Drop classic yo-yos (Project and Project 2). When we asked him what he wanted for a signature yo-yo he came up with the design and concept of the Rebirth which is an updated modern version of the Projects.

Back in the days of the Project, a 50mm diameter was considered “normal” size. Nowadays that is considered “undersized”. To bring the Rebirth back to a “normal” range, the diameter is 53mm. Although the nut capture axle system of the Project was our innovation and is now seen as iconic, the Rebirth comes with the much improved Side Effect axle system (ships with Ultra Lights). To widen the catch zone a “friction reducing bump” was added at the transition to the guts (a common feature seen on newer yo-yos like the Markmont Classic).

Combine all this together and you get a stylish, highly performing modern yo-yo that has the look and feel of the classic Projects with the flat rims and the Projection Profile in the catch zone. Let the Rebirth begin.

Base Weight: 63.65 grams
Shipping Weight: 66.15 grams (with aluminium Ultra Light Side Effects)
Width: 43 mm
Diameter: 53 mm
Stock Response: One Drop Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.32 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Axle System: Side Effects™

Available right here at YoYoExpert starting on October 14th at $68.

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This looks so great!

You had me at hello.

Wow looks like an awesome Yoyo at an awesome price!!! I already want one!!!

Like the look, LOVE the price point, just wish the diameter were a little larger. Regardless this has me pretty excited, can’t wait to pick one up. Will premium colorways be available on the 14th, Paul?

Was thinking Nickel for this one, but that blue is really nice.

That price point… me likey.

Loving the old-school-new-school vibe of this fellow. OD knocked it out of the park with the Markmont.Classic, so I can’t wait to see how this plays. :slight_smile:

Now… to wait for splashes or not to wait… hmmm…

I already have a Markmont Classic and feel the design is a bit too close to justify me buying a rebirth. Good design and price though, I wish they had kept it at 50mm diameter.

Too bad I need a full sized more than undersized from OD. Ill get this down the line.

Whoa! This and the unreleased OD you had at Nats are gonna be LIT.

I got to throw Will Prater’s at Nats and this thing is really good.

Drool…oh boy this yoyo is capable of hypnosis…great job guys

Havent logged in in 3 years…Had to log in to post how excited I am for this. I have been E-mailing OneDrop and trolling BSTs for years looking for more projects…

This is a dream come true.


Things just got turnt

It’s really good too… Didn’t snap any pics though.

Is this it?

I think he’s talking about another unreleased project we’re working on. :slight_smile:

Blimey-o-reilly! So much Onedrop. My wallet can barely keep up with you guys. :wink:

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The number of unreleased OD projects is worrying my bank account…