One Drop Terrarian Restock! Terraria Green!

Well I’m glad you’re back into the addiction hobby :slight_smile: happy you’ve been able to jump in head first like you have too! lol it’s fun when you can jump into hobbies with a bunch of nice new gear for it!

I’m not sure how to get through my frustrations and inner negative self talk. These kinds of insecurities have led me to burning out on a lot of things in life…I’m damn determined to work through them though.

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Lol - I think ‘addiction’ isn’t far off the mark! I already have many more yoyos than I can reasonably use, yet I’m still browsing the BST… :wink:

Edit - btw, the Parlay I recently bought is… green!

Edit again - and my Blade 2.0 Prototype :smiley:

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Thanks for all the help, I ran outta money for luxuries midway through the summer. But my work is back on now, and more importantly Both my birthday and Christmas are comming up :smiley:
I’m busy approaching my friends and family to convince them to get me one I like the look of.
It’s a nice luxury item I WANT.


Also, its a bit harder to get This specific yoyo in areas near me. Not many conventions for the hobby in my city. And i just realized one of my siblings lives in a city with many many more conventions, will tell them about this after my morning shift.

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I got it :smiley: love it already, even though I am unbeleivably out of practice. My sibling is awesome.

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