One Drop Project

New video by me showcasing the One Drop Project. An amazing yoyo that still stays up there with some of the top undersizes of today.


yo! I really liked this! Got that nice od vibe.

Just a couple suggestions that I thought would have made it better though.

1: The close up shot you did in the beginning should have been a bit shorter and been used as more of an intro type thing.

2: The yoyo’s bearing shouldnt have been heard except for in the intro.

Besides that it was really good! Great job!

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Thanks! And you’re right about the close-up, I did feel that it dragged on for a bit.

I was planning on taking out all sound except for the intro clip but I liked how the bearing could be herd throughout the video. Gave it a very real feeling to it so I just made each clip not as loud.

Nice vid man! I love one drop, my fav company, I hope to get a Project someday :slight_smile:

this vid did make me want to get out my MarkMont Next and throw it though, which is exactly what I’m doing now :smiley:

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Yeah men I getcha on the bearing thing, it was really just an opinionated thing for me haha. I guess the bearing being heard did make it feel more earthly/organic/raw. You’re only gonna get better at video editing man, keep it up!


Awesome work Mason! Love it!

Cool video. I watched it with no sound and it was still interesting. :slight_smile:


Thank you all so much! I plan on doing another video soon with the One Drop Project 2 since I can’t really seem to find any really good videos showcasing it.


I love the Project! Traded mine in hopes of finding one in better condition.

Good video 'though